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Contribute capital cash currency at my main Web site. and or at bottom of pages.

YES Make more meaningful mercy merchant money donations, and receive artwork specimens, rare rich royal digital designs. Your huge bigger than life size pictographs, original file format jpg. Transactions made by E-mail message sent to you directly from The Original Creative ArtistCHD1 AmeriAfrindian. And I AM composed of everybody's biological beings, better born beneficially bestowed blessed!


Grow Graceful Garden Gifts of Grandly Great Genesis Genius: Collect clean cultivated colorful crops. Next, then try to have them enlarged to museum sizes, high resolution quality advanced technology produced art exhibits. Preferably professional photo-copying companies, that does printing, laser ray reproduction, digital development. Fed-Ex I have in my mastermind. and or Walgreen's Photo Studio: Start small and develop distributions into BIG BUSINE$$.

JOYOUSLY: Y'all can choose; whatsoever, is better beneficially blessedly best business buys. Equals = fine fit feminine females financially free at last by being FIRST! + Lovely looking Ladies leading Love Life Light Locks of Sovereign Solar SUNGODD DEITY. ( Specifically Strictly Spiritious = non-religious!)

 Going with the wind, wealthy words of womanhood's witty wisdom, along with the financing flow = Consciously curing corporate corruptions, not necessary to condemn it. THINK!

REMINDER: Moreover, many of the graphic designs posted herein, are smaller files, will fall apart if copied from display pages, photo gallery. They do not reproduce well at all. Plus+ you shall surely need my permission to reproduce the artworks. But better still when one purchase them with my personal consent, they also, receive my stamp of approval; and their donation documentation = righteous receipts. Equals = your self-empowerment pefected pure profit potentials + certified classy credentials. Collect + Create cultured clean capital cash currency = CURED $$$

Successfully setting aside all "racial" ethnic differences, disputes, divisions and effectively unifying our originating organic objectives; optimized Occupyneers of the earthly planet. People's public populations, perfectly pleased. Non-political = Spiritical + Ecological-Economical = EcoEnergystics = $$$

 Volunteer to join in and help heal humanity, save solar sexus souls, preserve planetary sphere earth!\ Your assignment and mission!


Fall 'n love: Pick out soulmates, or select specialized specimen, marry the art exhibits that you desire, e-mail me a message saying what you mean and stating this in writing. Your honored-honest words. Notify me of your capital cash currency contributions to COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts

Profitable Proposal + Positive Proposition: You're a self-sufficient entrepreneur, connoisseur of Originally Created Artworks. Self-employed, Self-managed + Self-owned! Selling silky, stylish glamour girls flower fashion fabrics, panoramic portrait pictures, posters, printed textiles, digitized designs done on clothes, materials of many sorts. Conventional, canvases, leather works, tablecloths, pillow cases, shirts-sheets-slips, banners, drapes, curtains, wall hangings, and all else that your constructive creative mind can imagine. Get started right now today without delay; I say performance play with personalized pay = $$$ 

HAPPILY: you model the things, wear the classical cloths, designee originals that are made, merchandise manufactured. A walking, sitting - selling, art exhibit yourself. A Flower Girl Fashion Figure!

Full financed freedom for foundation fortunes: Especially expressed enlightening our oncoming generations of kids, small school children, teenagers and youthful minded members of humankind. 

MultiplexRayzial Body bio-beings: black-brown-red-tan, yellow, white, pink pigmented people of the planetary populations. Prejudice proofed. An all and in all; inclusive, equal opportunity-offer to make millions of dollars in unlimited amounts, as you may please. Selling soulful specimens and reaping resources righteously, richly royally + = $$$

Yes this is all about also, trustworthy transparency. Where you are trusted to do the righteous things, donate dollars and deliver them truthfully. Contributing cause, commissioned calling to truly clean cultures, correct classes, cure citizenries across countries, continents, borders and nations. Salvation + Salaries + Sales = Financial funds - firm foundation fitness = $$$

Divine Decreed Deliberated Donations: Gifts of grace and receive MP3 digital sound tracks, instrumentals + vocals = CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP!! = Complimentary companions to the art exhibits! Special small things that truly grows into huge fortunes + flaming fame!


Story Book Blogs: CyberJazzBluesRapP  Fabulous Fashion Flower Fashions, Glamour Girls.

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