COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts = full freedom of artistic expressions!!

I'm depicting geometry + chemistry = ancestry + artistry. SOLARSUN SPIRIT SOURCE SCIESSENCE - SCIENCE SYSTEMS'S SOVEREIGN SYSTREAM!

Introduction = Infinite Intellectual Intelligent Immaculate Imagination. The Center Carbon Core Cradle Creation!!!

My Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Models. Anointed Artworks, and authentic artistry + ancestral Africoidian ascendants. All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa. 

Artheology = Artheologist + Arthiest Actionary: And I AM The Original Creative ArtistCHD1 AmeriAfrindian ascendant of Atom Amen-Ra Z-Blac-Keyz of Z-BlackRayz!!!

Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR'S: 21st century Cyber-Children's courageous career commission calling cause. Thus to truly unify HueMainity, under one HueMainLaw + HueMainKind = HueMainRayz!!!

Y'all Remember To Note: This is an expansive, enhanced, elevated, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Expressly for kids!

Therefore, you'll have to truly explore its contextual contents of character. Consummate CosmiColoRayz.  

My MASTER1 Meta-Musical Media, Divine Decreed Deliberated; Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. Your better blessed benefits!

Thank yawls very kindly from the kindhearted kinky KING! And you may contribute capital cash currency, Compass Bank, safe secure systems deposits; at the bottom of my main Web site >>> smile.

RALIGION + RAVISION: = ARCH ANGEL AMEN-RA Ark Anchor Ankh Arthiest Atom Actionary + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 Son of SUNGODD DEITY COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. MASTER1 Messiah MonArch Melanin Metamorphosis + Meta-Musical Mediums! Pt1. 

Wexz & Usxz KNOW: That there're higher powers than humans, bio-bodily-beings. And I identify it as; The Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR & ORGON ORIGINATOR. Of  ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!

GENESIS GENIUS GENERATOR: SOLARSUN = SUNGODD Aten-Aton-Atom Amen-Ra, was created and originated. Thus through these Extraterrestrial Eternal Energy Entities = Executed = Excelled ECO-ENERGYSTICS!!!

YES: “THE MOST HIGH” = HEATXZ = hottest heats x highest helium + holiest heavens hydrogen. Strictly, specifically, scientifically saying that it is the one and only orgasmic occurrences, in our solar system. Of course, we can openly see with crystal clear clarity, multimillions of other serenely shining SunGodds. (sun-gods) CyberSpaceAge atomic attributes, activities, artistries. And living creatures, animals, humans have a small sungodd deity, divinely indwelling inside themselves and biological bodily being. They’re, what I’ve invented and identified as actualized Arthiest Actionaries: The longstanding, leading Lords Love Life Light Locks!

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, theme song + Cyber Jazz Blues RapP; Hipp & LapP!! and



YES: I approach my artwork with a unique perspective that takes into account ancient ancestral Africa. Mother homeland. Our original birthplace of humanity = humanoids. Scientifically named; Negroid - Africoid, Caucasoid - Mongoloid, twolegged upright walking bio-beings. My style and technique are broad and flexible, developed over years of training and applied arts experience + innate intuitive instincts, inborn imagination manifested artfully into real live visions. Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification + IniVision RealiVisions.Yes the cener carbon core creation craddle, where well all arrived as Arthiests: = PanorAfricAspora!.


Well, honestly I inform y'all that these rare-rich-royal resources, digital depictions, portrayals, testify unto themselves,  Self-evidently! Dignity Divinity Diamond Designs, deserving Divine Decreed Deliberated DONATIONS = full financed foundational funding, from YOU. Equals = Your private-personal investment = intellectual intellignece. Then sell specimen artworks, making monetary profits, clean cultured capital cash currency. Counter-Combating-Competitively, the deflating, devaluing DOLLAR = bailout bill!  Simply read on to the next website page 2: CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP.  >>>>


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